Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Aft Spar Tunnel Web Riveting (0.5)

0.5 hours

Not much time to work over the last few days but I did get some more CCC-46 rivets in the mail from Sonex.  So the aft soar tunnel web is riveted in!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Aft Cabin Details (1.5)

1.5 hours

I spent some time today digging through my boxes and finding all the parts for the next page of the plans.  The main thing that actually needs to be built on this page is the idler assembly that will transfer the elevator inputs from the stock to the mixer.

I got it mostly built but there's still quite a but of friction, so I'll have to keep adjusting it a bit more until it moves freely without any slop.  This is pretty much just like the aileron bellcranks that I did several months ago.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Control Stick & Mixer (2)

2 hours

I borrowed this taper pin reamer from another user on sonexbuilders.net, so I could finally finish these parts.  It appears to be kind of easy to drill too far with the reamer, so that the tapered pin would go all the way through the parts!  So I had to be careful.  I was also able to drill the holes for both the #1 and #2 size pins all with the #1 reamer, so you really only need the one tool.

Anyway both of these assemblies turned out pretty neat and went together without too much trouble.


Forward Fuselage, part 8 (0.5)

0.5 hours

I got the last few rivets installed on the lower firewall and the little gussets.  I was going to rivet the after spar tunnel assembly in place, but I realized I only had 10 of the required CCC-46 rivets!  I emailed Sonex to see if they'll send me some more, and they quickly got some more rivets in the mail, so I can finish riveting these parts later.

Forward Fuselage, part 7 (2)

2 hours

I installed all the bolts at the forward end of the fuselage.  I put the bolts in at the front lower corners even though they go through the floor skin, but I just used plain hardware store (not nylock) nuts so they'll be easier to remove later.  I only did this because I'm running out of 3/16" clecos.  If I didn't mention this before, I'm not going to permanently install the floor skin until much later!

At the junction of the forward and aft fuselage, I prepared all the holes for bolts but didn't install them yet.  I'll need to split the fuselage apart later to get this thing out of the basement.

After that I riveted on the firewall except for the bottom edge (since that overlaps with the floor skin).

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Forward Fuselage, part 6 (4)

4 hours

I got the floor and side panels all deburred and reassembled.  The firewall wasn't ready yet, so I just put the engine mount back on to hold everything in place for now.

After that I went ahead and riveted the aft spar tunnel web together.  This is a lot of flush rivets!!

Finally, I deburred the firewall, riveted the stiffener and lower hinge, and reinstalled it to the fuselae.